Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eliana is 3!

Celebrations started yesterday, with Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie bringing Ellie a gift.  So thoughtful of them to come since they couldn't make the party.

Today is Ellie's birthday.  I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before she came in to it!

Ellie was a great helper all day, getting things ready for her party.  She helped me clean and decorate, and was really sad that she could not help me wrap her presents.  Her favorite part was filling the pinaata

She picked a Hello Kitty theme, and we got decorations and collected many of her Hello Kitty things.  Most of her stuffed toys were gifts from her birth grandparents, and they had been Tayler's and her sister's growing up (super special!).

As people were gathering, Greg and Tylan had a little wrestling match going on.  Ellie jumped right in the middle of it, then firmly took Greg's face in her hands and said, "Daddy, no fighting Tylan.  That's my rule."

The Partygoers
 Opening Presents
Ellie has good manners, and was so polite to everyone and genuinely excited for every gift she received.  My favorite part of the day was watching her jump up in down in excitement, and then give hugs and kisses & say thank you.  It did my mom heart good.

For games, we had a questionnaire on Ellie (inspired by my friend Amy/Emily).  Ellie helped me come up with her own questions and answers, and some of the answers surprised even me!

1.  What is Ellie's full name?  Eliana Caitlin
2.  What is the significance of her name?  Eliana means "God has answered me" and she is named Caitlin after her birth mom
3.  What does Lynlee call her?  Ella
4.  How old is she today?  3
5.  What are her two favorite colors?  Pink and green
6.  Favorite food?  Oatmeal
7.  Favorite treat?  Ice cream
8.  What does she have to have to go to sleep?  Lambie, Barney,  and her special pink blankie
9.  Favorite TV show?  Gaspard and Lisa (a new favorite from Disney Junior, this surprised me)
10.  What show does she like to act out?  Doc McStuffins
11.  What is her favorite song?  Happy Birthday
12.  What does she do that Dad likes to do?  Exercise
13.  What are her favorite characters?  Hello Kitty and Dora

Some people who shall remain nameless Brian only got 1 right, and Bobi won with 6 right.

We played "pin the horn on the unicorn" and the best part was wearing the blindfold.  That kept on breaking.  (That's what you get with a 99 cent party game!)
 Sarah's favorite 30 seconds of the party came when we went downstairs to do the pinata.  First went Ellie, then Gwen, Hope, and Sarah.  That pinata was no match for an 11 year old powerhouse!

 Lynlee didn't want to try the pinata, and that's OK.
 Luckily, handy Uncle Brian was happy to build Ellie's new Boot Scoot bike, and Ellie was happy to take a picture of it with her new camera.
 What a fabulous day for an absolutely fabulous girl!

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