Sunday, August 19, 2012

Waiting & Eating

Sometimes it is hard to wait for Daddy to come home!  I knew Ellie was on the edge of sleep and I tried everything I could think of to keep her awake, but to no avail.  She ate her raisins and then told me she would wait for Daddy before she ate her macaroni and cheese.  And then she put her head on the table and fell asleep at 5:33 p.m.   The problem with this is that I cannot wake her up, and once she does wake up she will be up forever.  Good thing we love hanging out with her!

***update:  Greg got home about 6:30 and picked her up off the couch, but could not get her to wake up either.  We decided to put her in her bed and see what happened.  She wandered back out at 8:17.  We got her back in bed around 11:30, but she didn't fall asleep until after 1 (with me laying on the floor by her--not the most comfortable sleep for me!  I woke up and wandered back to my bed around 2).

Ellie is such a picky eater, and Lynlee is such a good one!  Tonight Ellie only ate raisins, and Lynnie ate mac & cheese, celery, chicken, cheese, grapes, part of a croissant, milk, and water.

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