Sunday, September 30, 2012

48 Degrees

We headed up the canyon to visit Greg's parents, who were camping in Woodland (above Heber).  When we left to come home that night, it was a blissful 48 degrees.

After a great dinner, we got ready to go for a 4-wheeler ride.   Ellie came up with a great way to bring Lambie along for a treat.

 I rode on the jump seat behind Grandpa, and Lulu loved helping him drive.

 After a short ride, we got out to take a walk on this gorgeous trail by a river.
 Lu is signing "water"
 After a few minutes of watching the water, Ellie decided she had had enough.  In one of her (mostly) cute pouts, she took off up the trail by herself.  We quickly caught up to her and had a talk about sticking together!

 Lynnie loves the "wah wah" and the "wocks"
 I said, "show me your beautiful face!"

 Daniel is so funny on his bike!  He caught up to us before the hike and then was impatient to get back to riding.

Ellie concurred.

 On this stretch, we drove behind Daniel.  Lynnie said the whole time, "Danny.  Bike.  Danny!"
 Poor Grandma waited for us at the trailer.  It was nice of her to let me take her seat!
 Signing "water" again--had to tell Grandma what we saw

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