Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bathtub & Park

Lynnie has figured out how to climb into the "big tub."  She is hilarious in there!  She especially likes to duck down and pop up to say "pee boo" to Ellie.

Ellie was pretty proud of herself this morning, also.  She came running in when I was in the shower to tell me that she put a sock on Lynlee, all by herself.

After we were ready, and Greg had done some last minute temple recommend interviews, we packed up and headed out to have a picnic in the park.  Lynnie was not interested in eating, she just wanted to show off her excellent climbing and sliding skills.  Her new favorite toy is this colorful bug that birthgrandma gave her when she was a baby.  She carries it everywhere and sleeps with it, too.
Ellie was content to watch Sister for a while and eat a little of her lunch.  She spilled her lemonade all over herself, which necessitated a clothing change.  I always carry a complete change in the car, and putting it on her today was a good note to self that this outfit is too small!  She's only had to wear it twice, and Lynlee once in the past 3 months.
 After a little lunch, Ellie was ready to play as well.  She is getting much more adventurous, and I think it is because of her gymnastics class.  She is more brave about trying new things and using her body.

 When the swings were free, we headed over.  Definitely a favorite!
 Greg was teaching Ellie how to pump her feet, and she did pretty good for her first time.
 At one point, Greg accidentally pushed the swing out from under Ellie and she fell on the ground.  After a few tears, she was excited to swing some more.

 Ellie packed her "pack pack" to bring on the picnic.  It was really heavy, and one contributing factor was the photo album she put in (pictures of her first Christmas in Montana).

I have been meaning to take a picture of well-loved Lambie for a while.  The sadder she looks, the more Ellie loves her.  She is pretty threadbare in spots now and I am worried about the day she completely falls apart, beyond my ability to fix.  I have fixed quite a few things already, but I don't have magic skills!

Lambie used to be so soft and fluffy!

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