Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brigham City Temple

We got out the door fairly early this morning and headed to Brigham City to attend the temple open house.  We parked in our designated lot and boarded the bus.  This was definitely Ellie's favorite part, and it even sparked a spontaneous rendition of The Wheels on the Bus.
 Lynlee was not too sure about the bus at first, but...
 ...decided it was awesome after she sat on Daddy's lap.
 During the tour we wore plastic booties over our shoes.  Most of the temple was tile, and Lynnie was very nervous about that.  She was funny as she tried to walk with her booties; within two seconds her arms were in the air and she was saying, "up up."  We ended up carrying her the whole way.
 Another highlight was the M&M cookie the girls ate after the tour. 
 We explored the grounds and both girls loved the reflecting pool.  I was trying to get a picture of Lynnie's awesome walk--it is something in the way she carries her arms and hunches her shoulders that makes it so unique.  And she kind of marches and kind of stomps.

 I got this photo angle idea from watching another lady.  Love it!

 We drove back to Ogden to get lunch and kept Lynlee awake between Brigham City and Ogden.  After lunch, when we wanted her to go to sleep, she was not happy about it.  Ellie told me she was grumpy, and that she was.  She cried from Ogden to the point of the mountain, when she finally fell asleep.  She had to have Greg's hand holding hers or she cried harder.  Once he answered his phone, and she yelled "daddy's hand" until his hand was back on hers.

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