Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cell Phone Photos

I have gotten semi-lazy and keep up the Picture A Day blog pretty much on cell phone pictures.  I know the quality is not there, but it captures the moments.

Moments like playing in Ellie's room, which we do every day.  Both girls are getting opinionated about where we play (which I like).  There is nothing cuter than Lynlee saying, "Lynlee's room.  Ella's room."
 Ellie has decided that she hates clothes.  She always strips down the minute we walk through the door.
 Signing "scared"
 Ellie can do it too!
 "I'm cute, and I know it!"
 The trusty cell phone camera also captured the moment of Lynnie's first Kindermusik class this session.  She loved last spring when she and Ellie and I all attended together, but it was a lot more fun this time.  Miss Leda let us sneak her in early, and she was too young (and not walking yet).  But now she seemed to remember the routine and was great about getting instruments and putting them away. 
 Ribbons are a favorite everytime!

The phone was also handy to catch Lynlee chillin' in her Dora chair, talking on the phone.

Ellie has one chore right now, and she loves it.  I am sure I need to expand her chore list soon, but for now it is fun to watch her put the liners in the garbage can.  She can do it all by herself.

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