Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dad & Grandpa

We went to visit Greg's parents the other night and got there just as Grandpa was finishing a 4-wheeler ride with Andrew and Emily.  The girls quickly took their own turn.

Greg was trying to help Ellie understand that Grandpa is his dad, but Ellie was not really getting the generational thing.  She very seriously said, "Dad, you know the rule.  We can share Grandpa!"

 Lynnie loves to swing on the counter, and Ellie got in there for a little action as well.  Ellie gets a better swing going, because her arms are longer and her face fits under the desk.

Ellie loves to "pank" and it is probably still her favorite art thing to do (perhaps cutting with scissors is a close second).  She enlisted Greg's help and they painted a pretty picture.

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