Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Night with the Morrows

We had a wonderful dinner up AF canyon with the Morrows.  We all piled in their car and drove up, where Greg and Brian found us a nice fire ring.  We started to get set up, and then had to explore a little.
 Nick and Brian built a great fire.  Nice skills, Eagle Scout Nick!
 Brian made a great seat for the girls out of a stump.

 Sitting with Dad is always fun, especially when Dad is making yummy food on the hibachi.

 Julie kept on asking Lynlee if she wanted to touch the water.  I just thought to myself, "yeah right, that's not going to happen."

And, success!
  Lynlee loved it when Brian pulled on her chin.
 Nick prompted Julie to say many mom-type things, like, "you better not get wet" and "I hope you don't fall off!"

 Greg took a break from bbq-ing to join in the fun for a few minutes.

 After eating dinner, we went exploring again.  I didn't bring my good camera on this expedition, so I pulled out my trusty phone to capture a few more shots.
 We had a lot of fun throwing rocks in the river.

 Hailey let Ellie scoop dirt in her hands for at least 20 minutes.  Ellie happily dug in the dirt for most of the night.
 Greg and I hadn't thought to bring chairs, but Nick and Hailey were nice enough to share for a few minutes so there were enough seats to go around.  Julie said this was probably a once in a lifetime photo opportunity!
 Lynlee traded Brian a rock for a cookie.  Lynnie definitely got the better side of that deal!
 And, last but not least, Ellie took a couple of great pictures.

We had so much fun on our adventure!  Hailey and I decided that we need to go every Monday night. 



Julie blogged about it here and I am stealing these pictures:


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Julie M said...

Your pictures are awesome and I love your narrative!!! :) Can't wait for a week from Monday!!!


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