Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Preschool

We headed outside for the traditional first-day-of-school pictures (that I have been so excited to take).  What a right of passage for this big girl!  She is signing "school" here.
Ellie is so expressive and gave me a whole range of emotion in our 2 minute photo shoot.  It is so much fun to watch her change expressions!
Then we loaded up and headed out.  Greg followed us in his truck, and we quickly found the location.  Walking in almost made me want to cry--Ellie looked so big and so little at the same time.  She loves Hope and Miss Traci, so I knew she would be fine.
 Finding her name
 After exploring for a while, it was time for school to start, so Lynlee, Greg and I left.  While we went to the library and the store, Lynlee kept on asking, "Ella?"  She was a little lost without her best friend.

We went back to watch the gymnastics part of preschool and it was so fun to see how much Ellie loved it.  She was a good listener and followed Miss Traci's instructions very well.  I really liked seeing that!

When they were stretching, Miss Traci told them to smell their knees.  Ellie told me that was her favorite part.

 Lynlee followed Miss Traci's instructions as well to lay down, raise her arms, and put her hands by her ears.  We tried to do the backbend like the big girls, but Lynlee just giggled and flopped around.

 Figuring out the placement on the cartwheel mat.

 Jumping on the trampoline--those are Ellie's legs!

 Saying, "Hi Lynlee!"
 After gymnastics we went back to the preschool room to check it all out.  I don't think we will watch gymnastics very often because Lynlee had a hard time just watching.  She wanted to get in there!
 After we got home, Lynlee wanted to wear Ellie's new shirt, and that was fine with Ellie.  For the rest of the day, Lynlee would point at her shirt and say, "Say-see.  Hop."  {Traci. Hope.}
 Ellie's first school papers.

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