Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Times

We had planned to head up the canyon again for FHE, but Hailey had just had surgery on both big toes for ingrown toenails.  She said she would be fine, but Julie and I opted to have dinner here instead.  Lynlee loves her friends!  She loves to say their names and snuggle them all, especially Mom Julie.
 Brian thinks he is so tricky!

 Lynnie started to slide down the couch (on purpose) and then just hung out for a while, kicking her feet.

 This big girl loves to swing--in blankets, in actual swings, hanging from the oven door handle--wherever.  She is also super strong!

 Ellie wanted to push her bed out to the family room, but I told her there was already a bed out there.  The girls grabbed their pillows and we played on the bed for a long time.  That night we read stories on it, and Ellie wanted to sleep there all night. 

1 comment:

Julie M said...

Brian LOVES the picture of the paper between Lynnie's toes...he thinks he's so funny!!! Fun night!!!


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