Monday, September 10, 2012

Scared and a Scratched Cornea

While Lynlee and I were wandering the halls at Heidi's funeral, she picked up a couple of new tricks.  One is signing "scared" and she is hilarious doing it.  She will sign it and then laugh!

I also love that in this picture you can see Lynlee's latest acquisition--a new tooth!  She now has 9.
 On Friday afternoon during Lynlee's nap, Ellie and I were playing.  My left eye accidentally came in contact with the corner of a fast moving book.  I immediately took my contacts out and tried not to cry, or to show Ellie how much it hurt (she was very concerned that she hurt my eye).  It kind of felt better after a few hours, and we got ready to go to Heidi's viewing. 

I kept my eyes closed the whole drive because the light was really bothering them.  I thought I was doing OK while we were in line, looking at the beautiful displays.
When we got to the Relief Society room, the first person I saw was Sammi, and my eyes filled with tears.  I was so overcome thinking about her and Troy and having to face life without their mother in it.

That was my undoing.

I literally could not see after that.  My eye was going crazy and would not clear, even after I stopped crying.  I managed to get through the line and talk to Heidi' parents and Paul, and then I had to go sit in the hall until Greg was ready to leave.

We had dropped the car off at our church on the way to the viewing so that I could get right to Fantastic Friday, but I had to text everyone and excuse myself from clean-up duties.  Kylene drove with us to pick up the car and then she drove it back to our house.
 Then Greg dropped me off at home where I laid down in a dark room, and he went and partied with everyone at Grandma's house.  Ky was nice enough to take fabulous pictures of herself and the girls. Love it!

I was doing a little better Saturday morning, but after googling eye scratches and talking to Tanya, Greg dropped me off at the Urgent Care after the funeral on Saturday.  Since the girls were asleep, he drove around while I was waiting.

My official diagnosis--a scratched cornea.  I got a prescription for antibiotic eye drops (which make my eye hurt worse) and an order to not wear my contacts until Tuesday.  I am doing a lot better now, and just get tired from using my right eye so much.

When I was in 7th grade, my parents let me get contacts for the second time.  The first time was in 5th grade, and I kept on losing them, so they waited until I was more responsible.  I lost my right contact pretty quickly, but I didn't tell them because I didn't want to get in trouble or have to go back to wearing glasses.

I was in 7th grade, after all.

I wore one contact in my left eye for pretty much the entire school year, until I finally told my parents and they got me a new one.

Ever since, my right eye has been pretty lazy.  It will work when it has to, but I pretty much do all of my seeing with my left eye.

This weekend, my left eye has been blurry and sore, and so my right eye is trying to pick up the slack.  I am hoping that this is going to be a blessing in disguise, and that both eyes will work better than ever when this is all over. 

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