Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween finally arrived after much anticipation.  Ellie would alternate between being excited and saying she was scared of ghosts and witches and didn't want to dress up.  

Greg had to go to California yesterday for a meeting, but being the stellar dad that he is, he flew home that night and got in around 1 a.m. so that he wouldn't miss Halloween.

He texted me about 3:50 and said he would be home in 10 minutes, so I quickly got Ellie dressed and ready, and then we woke Lynnie up from her nap and got her ready.

We headed outside for some costume pictures, and after a little positioning help from Greg, we were ready.

yes, that is a "cheese crack" in her mouth {goldfish cracker}

Minnie Mouse and Princess Cinderella
Kitty Cat and Happy Face pumpkins

 It was a little early to be knocking on doors, so we walked over to Mom-Julie's house to check on her after her foot surgery.

Lynnie had a death grip on her pumpkin--she loved holding it!
Julie had a damaged nerve removed, a bunion removed, a bone removed, a toe shortened, and her big toe broken.  Sounds like fun, right?  She said I wasn't allowed to take a picture of her, but she let Lynnie take a picture of her foot.
Ellie loved to put her Minnie ears on and off, and liked them best on top of her sunglasses and in front of her ears.

"Come on, Mom, stop taking pictures!"

Bye, thanks for the candy!
Lynnie walked up our block, down Julie's street, and down Davis' street all the way to the Todd's house.  Then she was ready for the stroller.

Ellie loved that Greg carried her around the entire cul-de-sac.  She did get down to knock on every door.

After the loop in the cul-de-sac, we saw that Russ' car was in the driveway, so we decided to try Davis' house again.  We have to take pictures with our best friend!
 We were so excited that Bryn and Dana came and that they were dressed as Minnie Mouse as well.  It seemed funny to me that their costumes had collars, until I realized the part on Ellie's dress I thought was just interfacing was actually supposed to be outside of the costume.  I couldn't get it to lay flat, and Dana showed me that her mom had safety pinned theirs.  So the collar went back inside Ellie's dress.
 Davis is fascinated by Lynnie and loves to give her hugs and squeezes.  Sometimes she appreciates it more than others.
 Hey, what's going on behind that hat?!?

 And then the kiddos were done with pictures, so we headed out for more candy gathering.
 Lynnie wanted to walk again, and Ellie took a turn in the stroller.  And then Lynnie wanted "up up up."

 Lynnie is getting so independent.  She kept on telling us, "Lynlee do it."  Totally fine, except when she caused traffic jams on stairs.

Here, we were almost home and Greg wanted to hold her hand.  She ripped her hand away and very emphatically said, "LYNLEE DO IT!"

Last stop--Hope's house!
 Ellie was possibly even cuter handing out candy out home.  Every time there was a knock she would run for the door, grab the candy bowl, and tell the friends, "take free candies {three candies}." 
 We were so happy that Hope came by!  She wasn't happy when we were at her house and didn't come to the door.  She was a super cute ladybug.
 Kent, Jessica, and Denver dropped by on their way home from a party.  They knocked literally as Greg was standing up to put Ellie in bed.  Our girls were happy to stay up later and entertain Baby Denver!
 Until Denver decided she was ready to go home and go to bed.
What a wonderful Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween FHE

Todd and Rachel are the hostess(ess) with the mostest(es).  They host an annual Halloween FHE that is a treat to attend.  Last year, Ellie got really sick and we ended up leaving early, but this year everyone was healthy and happy.

We arrived with our pumpkins in tow and immediately headed outside to play.  Ellie started running around, trying to keep up with the big boys playing football.

Lynnie and I headed over to the trampoline because she very clearly said, "jump amp-o-line."

And, {clearing throat}, I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the sport mode on my camera and taken 279 pictures.  I pared it down as best I could.

Gotta love static electricity!
Lynnie loved sharing the trampoline with a pseudo-cousin (Rachel's brother's son).  She happily bounced along with him.
Ellie got in on a little action as well.
Lynnie was in heaven when Ammon & Ellie decided to do something else and she had the trampoline all to herself. 

She looked like an angel, and..
 ...intently watched the other kids playing, and...
 ...tested out the bounce capacity on that thing.

Ellie found a little football and spent a long time playing catch with Greg.  It was so sweet to watch them together.
Then it was pumpkin carving time!  Ellie ate a chocolate bar (what we call Fiber One granola bars) for dinner while picking out a happy face for her pumpkin and a kitty cat for Lynnie's pumpkin.

After the pumpkins were done, the rest of us ate hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoyed visiting with each other.  Then it was time to light the pumpkins up and have the contest.  Paul was the judge and everyone got a clever prize.  Staci and Todd took lots of pictures of the pumpkins and contest participants.

Here are a couple of shots from Staci:



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