Monday, October 15, 2012

All About Daddy

After searching many furniture stores and having pretty specific needs wants, we finally found the perfect chairs at Ikea.  High enough backs, small enough scale, padded arms, leather (looking), brown, comfortable enough to read a book in plus sit up high enough that you can be interviewed in them, and relatively inexpensive.  As a bonus, to assemble them, all we had to do was screw in the legs.
And who can resist pictures of Greg snuggling his baby girls?  Especially when Ellie is so tired after playing hard at Grandma's with Gwen, Lyssa, Adam, and Lauren that she can't even keep her eyes open for stories. 
 And more especially when Lynnie is so excited to give kisses!

1 comment:

Magson said...

Gwen did that last night too. Managed to get through the 1st story, but then she was whining and headed for her bed in the middle of the 2nd story all on her own. At least until I closed the book, and then she came whining back around the corner and I had to finish the story while she stood 10 feet away. And then she ran to her bed and climbed in. She had a lot of fun with your girls last night!


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