Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The funeral for Kelly's mom, Teri Huckeba, was peaceful and well-done.  I loved hearing more about Teri's life and service.   I especially loved that the kids are still kids and had a great day playing together.
 Lynlee is obsessed fascinated by the moon, and can always find it in the sky.

 "I have the best walk in the world.  Especially when I am singing a song to the moon."
 The graveside service was also nice: simple and calm.
 I was very grateful that Greg was able to come.  He played with Lynlee, which left me free to chat with my friends & take pictures.  (Ellie got to play all day with Hope and Traci.)

Some of the BCLs--Steph, Ilene, Erin, Kelly, and me.  Photo by Ben.

Kelly's dad came from California to support her, and it was fun to introduce him to the standard funeral luncheon.  We had it all--ham, funeral potatoes, green salad, and jell-o. 

 Lynnie loved going "buh buh buh" with her lips and knife.

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