Monday, October 1, 2012

Gymnastics and Lynnie's Room

There is an upstairs viewing room at Gymcats and Lynnie loves to play with the toys while we watch Ellie do gymnastics.

I was so impressed by Ellie today.  This is the first time they got up on this taller beam, and Ellie climbed right up and carefully walked along it before jumping on the mat.  She is getting so much confidence from gymnastics.

 My favorite thing that they do it the "bear crawl" on low parallel bars.

When we got home, Lynnie wanted to wear her leotard.  She looked so cute!
 Not sure what this expression is for...
 Let's dance!

 Ellie took over the camera, and Lynnie wasn't too sure about that.
 Lynnie is almost 2, and we finally hung her valance.  I also rearranged the furniture in her room and it feels so much bigger now.  She loves to play in there even more than ever.

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