Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bouncy Houses & Story Time

About a month ago, the Hansens hosted an amazing FHE, complete with bouncy houses and a chili cook-off.  I took pictures on Greg's iPhone and he emailed them to me, and they got buried in my inbox.

Until now.

(Luckily for all of you!)

The bouncy house was a little intimidating to both girls, with the bigger kids that were there.  Lynnie preferred the trampoline, and Ellie hit pay dirt with her friend Matthew.

Ellie really wanted to go down the slide, but I was feeling cautious.  I knew she could do it, but there were so many kids, and she is so little.  Luckily, Matthew was super helpful and took Ellie along with him, holding her hand all the way up the ladder, and pushing other kids out of their way.  They went quite a few times and Ellie loved every second of it.

Today at Story Time I witnessed a little breakthrough.  Lynnie really wanted to go with the kids and sit down, but Ellie, as usual, was more than content to hang out with me.  Lynnie said, "please, Ella?" and Ellie took her hand and walked her into the group.  She held her arms and helped her dance to a song, and then when the song was over she dragged sister back to me.

It was awesome!
 When they got back to me, Ellie sat down and asked, "Lynnie, do you want to sit on my lap?"  After an "uh huh" from Lu, sitting commenced.

And I love the lady I caught in the background.

 Then we were lucky enough to flag down Kelly and Sam, who made a quick stop for Story Time.  So fun to see them!  Sam helped Ellie be brave and they went up for another song.

I think Ellie is doing the baby-crying motion here.
 After Story Time was over, Kelly didn't have to do much convincing for us to join her and Sam at McDonald's.  What a great morning!

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