Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lynlee's 2 year old Well Child Visit

As we were walking out the door, I had to pause and take some pictures of Ellie's awesomeness.  She has been wearing her "Chinese Princess Dress" from Aunt Amy and Grandma non-stop for a few days.  I especially enjoyed the hat, sunglasses, and jewelry additions today.

Greg is in Chicago for business, and this is the first well child visit he has missed.  I didn't get a couple of the traditional pictures I usually take (notably on the scale and crying during shots) because I was the holder/comforter.

We haven't had a doctor's appointment in a while, and Lynlee is older, so I thought it would go better.  For a couple of days, we have practiced:  Ellie and I have given her check-ups, and we have talked about what was going to happen.  Today, Lynlee told me a few times, "doctor nice."  I thought it was going to be OK.

And then the nurse walked in our room to take her measurements, and it was a full-scale terror fest.  Shaking, crying, the works.  I feel so terrible for her! 

As soon as the nurse left, life was great again.  We had a longer than normal wait today (about half an hour) and we entertained ourselves by spinning on the doctor's chair, coloring on the paper, and eating snacks.

Ellie loves Fiber One bars--she calls them chocolate bars and now eats the whole thing most of the time.

 Dr Vargo was great when she got there, very efficient.  That meant less time crying, which is always a good thing.  Then it was time for a flu shot and one last immunization, and we were out of there.

Weight:  28 pounds 6 ounces ~ 71st percentile
Height: 34.75 inches ~ 74th percentile
Head Circumference: 48.75 centimeters ~ 82nd percentile

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