Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lynlee's Birthday

Ellie was up bright and early on Lynlee's birthday, and the first thing she said to me was, "It's Lynlee's birthday.  I'm so excited!  Let's wrap her presents!"

Ellie picked out the paper and helped me get a couple done before Lynnie woke up (we wrapped the rest during naptime).
Ellie "gave" Lynlee some dress-up shoes, and she was very helpful in wrapping this present.
getting so good at writing her name

 After we were all ready for the day, we made a quick trip to Costco to pick up some things.  Lynnie picked out the rainbow cake, and she was very excited about it.  She told me all day "rainbow."
 Our party guests were Greg's parents, Tammy, & Daniel; my mom; Todd & Rachel and family; Staci, Parker, and Kyralyn; and Kent, Jessica, and Denver.

All people that Lynnie knows and loves.

But we still had about half an hour of shyness.  She loved being held by Daddy, and putting her head on her shoulder.

And she loves to ignore people and pretend they don't exist.  Here she is ignoring me!

 Birthday cake is a big success!
 Lynnie is a girl after my own heart.  She ate out the filling and left the rest.  That is definitely the best part of the cake.
 After cake it was present time!  Lynlee got a bead puzzle, and
 a ladybug tricycle, and
 a new hat.  Ellie got one, too.  It's hard not to get any of your own presents when you are 3.
 A lamb and a frog.  And an Uncle Dan.
 Grandma brought a birthday book, ladybug clips, and a teddy bear.
 And this cool gift bag came in a big Amazon box addressed to Lynlee.  Her aunt in Montana sure spoils her!
 Ellie spent most of the night playing with Kyralyn (who is in 1st grade).  Kyralyn was eating cake at one point when Ellie was trying to have Lambie's birthday party (she is 8 now, because we have parties a lot for her, and Ellie keeps track of her age).  Ellie got very pouty and hung her head and said, "no one wants to come to my party."  She kind of slunk down the hall, looking like the picture of dejection.  About a minute later, Kyralyn ran down the hall, ready to play again.  Ellie came tearing out of her room, threw her arms in the air, stomped her foot for emphasis, and exclaimed, "Kyralyn's not hurting my feelings anymore!"
Ellie, Jace, Kyralyn, Clay, Mateo (T&R's exchange student from Italy), Staci, and Todd
 It was Ellie's lucky day in the shoe department as well.  Lynnie tried on the dress-up shoes, took about a step and a half, and decided she had had enough.  She didn't even care when Ellie appropriated them for herself.

It was a great party for a great girl!  I am grateful every day that I get to be Lynnie's mommy.

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