Sunday, November 18, 2012

She's Come A Long Way

Ellie used to be scared of the vacuum.


But yesterday, we had the cushions from the couch on the floor for most of the day (more comfortable to snuggle sick babies that way), and Ellie saw some crumbs underneath where the cushions usually are.

She went and dragged the vacuum out of her closet, down the hallway, and got Greg to plug it in for her.

Then she happily spent 10 minutes vacuuming with the hose.  And another 20 minutes helping Greg vacuum the rest of the house.

Lynlee spent that time with me, safely in the kitchen.
And yes, the girls and I are feeling much better today.  Thanks for asking!

But Greg is sick now...

1 comment:

Kristine Tanner said...

Wow! You are the blogging queen! I am impressed! So fun to read your posts and get to know your cute family better. Glad to hear you and the girls are feeling better. Hope Greg feels better soon too!!


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