Monday, December 31, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

We loved meeting Tayler and her family at Chuck E. Cheese for New Year's Eve.  When Ellie woke up that morning, she ran out of her room and said, "it's a Tayler day!"  She was so excited to see Tayler.

We were a little early, and they were a little late, and it was perfect to play a bunch of games while we were waiting.  Ellie dove right in and wanted to try everything, especially the trolley like in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (her new favorite show).  Lynnie was more cautious, and wouldn't let Greg put her down for about 20 minutes.
 Playing with balls is always fun, though, so Lynnie got right into skee ball.
 Ellie was excited to try this chair that goes up around the clock, but got a little scared for a minute.  Then she loved it, and did it two more times.
 Greg took Ellie to the bathroom, and while they were gone, Tayler got there.  When Ellie came out of the bathroom and saw Tayler, her face lit up and she ran right over and attacked her.  Ellie squeezed her neck and wouldn't let go for the longest time.  It was so sweet!

 Then it was time to eat and visit, and play more games.
 Lynnie said she wanted to sit in the car with Ellie.  That lasted for about 2 seconds.
 Much better to touch the car from the outside!
 Lynnie loved stomping these spiders.  She spent the longest time doing that.  It was right next to the chair/clock game, and she was fascinated by a little boy riding the chair.

 Apparently he was scared, and...
 Lynnie found that hilarious!
We love Tayler so much!  It is amazing to have an open adoption and be able to spend time together and learn more about her every time we get together.

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