Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kangaroo Zoo

We met some friends at Kangaroo Zoo and had a great time.  We opened the place up and Ellie was in heaven that we were the only ones there.  She ran around and did everything so quickly, until she figured out which were her favorite slides and jumps.  Lynlee was much more cautious, and wouldn't even let Greg put her down for about 30 minutes.

First stop: turtle.  Ellie said, "Look, a turtle!  Those are my favorites.  And Tayler's, too!"

 I finally got Lynnie to climb on the bottom of the slide.  That seemed OK, and she would climb up a little and push back down on her belly.
 Totally empty--except for us!
 These girls have some serious dance moves!

 We were sitting and watching the girls dance, and then Ellie got the idea to bring over a stool so she could sit by us.  Of course, Little Mimic had to get her own stool as well.

 Ellie loved this big slide.  She must have climbed up and slid down at least 15 times.
 After about an hour, we got Lynnie to try jumping and sliding.  Then she decided it was fantastic!
 And even "helped" her sister down the slide.

In the days since, Lynnie has been the one asking to go back to the "octopus slide" and "elephant slide."  It was a fun way to spend the morning.

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