Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Busy Day

We woke up to an amazing snow storm. It is really fun to shovel!  Ellie wanted to be my helper and she dove right in.

I love that feeling of getting in the shower after being outside, when your skin is so chilled that the hot water turns cold by the time it trickles down to your feet.

After shoveling 3 times, Ellie wanted to build a doghouse out of snow.  Inside, on the kitchen table.

Whatever keeps her happy.
We got to have lunch and play with our best friends.  Ellie and Davis had, perhaps, their best day ever.  They shared and listened to each other and were, most importantly, kind to everyone.

Lynnie asked, "Davis, can I snuggle you?"  Davis said YES!

We quickly ran to Macey's after Elizabeth's house and it was awesome.  Completely deserted.  It was just a little snow, and nobody wanted to drive anywhere. 

Imagine that.

After getting home, I headed out to shovel again, and had about half of the driveway done after an hour.  I was counting my blessings that we don't live on a corner anymore.  (I hated shoveling at our old house, it took me 30 minutes just to do the sidewalks.  Or so it seemed.)

Our amazing neighbor came over with his snow blower and did all of the sidewalks and the other half of my driveway so quickly.  Loren saved me at least 45 minutes of shoveling.

Back inside, Ellie wanted to make a tent.  I need to improve my fort-making skills, but this worked for a little while.

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