Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Newest FSA Board Member

So, I had my first meeting tonight as the newest member of the American Fork Agency FSA Board (Families Supporting Adoption).  I wore my pretty necklace that Amy gave me for Christmas, had Hailey come play with Ellie and Lynnie, and had a nice 1 hour meeting.

I love being an adoption advocate, and the girls are getting old enough that I can focus on things outside of myself (a little bit) again.

I volunteered to maintain the FSA blog, because I knew that is something I can do at home after the girls are in bed.  I got to the meeting tonight to find out that the blog had been discontinued.

That's all right, I volunteered to make flyers for the new couple orientations once a month.  Easy peasy.

It is exciting to take part in adoption education efforts, and especially exciting to be able to work with Melinda Buchanan-Emery in a different setting.  She is the adoption manager at the AF office and is simply fabulous.


Traci said...

Go Heather, you rock!

Rachelle said...

Hooray for the goodness you are doing!! Does the Melinda happen to be Melinda Buchanen-Emery?

Heather said...

Yes, it is Melinda Buchanen-Emery! If you know her than you know how excited I am to work with her.


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