Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So Tayler Will Know I Love Her

We were driving home and talking about what to do next.  Ellie said, "I know.  I want to draw a picture for Tayler so she will know how much I love her!"
 Ellie drew a sun, a rainbow, a tree, Tayler, and herself.
I told Ellie we could mail it to Tayler, but she doesn't want me to fold it.  I tried to explain about the magic of 10x13 envelopes, but Ellie wasn't convinced.  She said we should just save it and give it to Tayler the next time we see her.

Great plan.
 We also had fun making a "car" for Ellie's Kindermusik class.  Nice sister even let Lynnie take a spin at the wheel.

 So fun when Ellie takes over the camera.

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k said...

This just makes me happy :)


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