Saturday, February 2, 2013


Greg has set a high standard for my birthday, and he raised the bar again this year.  The day started with him sending me off to get a haircut and a pedicure while he took the girls with him to a baptism. Then we met back at home and went to Cafe Rio for lunch.  Ellie and Lynnie both had to sit by Daddy.  It was pretty cute how they were glued to his side.
just a little rest

After lunch I got dropped off for a 90 minute massage and Greg took the girls to wander Costco and do a few errands.  Back to pick me up, and we took a quick detour on the way home to get the truck washed.  Lynnie hates the car wash, but has developed a new strategy.  If she closes her eyes and I help cover her ears, she does better.  Afterwards she told me she was brave.  And she was!

We had a couple of minutes at home before Nick came over to babysit.  We had him take some pictures of all of us by my birthday flowers and balloon.
Eliana was not excited about that.

Portrait by Ellie.

"Dad, lean your head towards Mom.  Mom, give Daddy a hug.  OK, that's better.  Now say cheese!"

After leaving the girls in Nick's very competent hands, we headed to Deseret Book for some serious browsing.  What a luxury for me to wander around a bookstore with no time constraints!

After a delicious dinner at The Harvest, we went to check out the new outlet malls by our house.  We hadn't been over there yet, and it is probably bad that I now know about this particular stretch of stores.  Carter's, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, and The Children's Place are all right next to each other.

It was a wonderful day full of my favorite things: my family, not cooking, shopping, and being pampered. Definitely a day to remember!

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Amy Conklin said...

Happy birthday to one of my most favorite person ever! I am so glad you got spoiled! You are loved by MANY Heather! Love you!


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