Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

We went with our houseguests today to the Dinosaur Museum.  Lynlee is finally old enough to enjoy it, and Ellie loved showing E all of her favorite parts.

There is a new-ish exhibit on sound, and Lynlee's favorite thing was to play the drums -- "just like Ba-rin-a do it!"

Ellie's favorite continues to be playing in the sand.  I was proud of Lynlee for at least being willing to touch the water this time.

This little boy next to us was very concerned about his mountain.  He told the girls, "I worked really hard on that.  Could you not knock it down?"  I was proud of Ellie for immediately saying, "OK, no problem!"

The dry sand part is also a hit.  Ellie and E dug right in (excuse the pun) and Lynlee took a couple of minutes to decide if she liked it.

Smart girl sat on the grate so she wouldn't get her pants dirty.

What a fun way to spend the morning!

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