Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Sisters. And The Fresh Beat Band.

I was trying to make lunch for everyone and Lynnie wanted "more nilk" right now.  Ellie leaned down, looked her in the eyes and asked, "want me to feed you milk?"  After a nodding confirmation, both girls hopped in the brown chair for some snuggles.
One of Lynnie's favorite things to do right now is pretend to take pictures.  She will say, "click!  I take a PIC-ture."

Thanks to Davis for introducing us to The Fresh Beat Band.  It is the coveted show to watch during Quiet Time now, and both girls love Marina (in blue) the best.  Ellie even told me today that she wants to be Marina for Halloween.

Now we are obsessed with playing the drums.  Ellie even pretends to play the foot pedal.  The pillows are her cymbals and the bowls are her drums.

Lynnie loves her "bah-leh-la" and would carry it all over if I would let her.  (Our pesky hallways are just too narrow.)  She tells me it is raining on her head and her red bah-leh-la protects her.

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