Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPhone Pictures

Life lately, according to my phone pictures.

Eliana is getting braver at gymnastics.  I was proud of her for walking and doing bunny hops on this intermediate-height beam.
 We hung out with Aunt Jo for a few minutes so I could pretend I was still on the Library Board and help her with a project.  I found out Jo has an awesome leather making business now on etsy {UrbanCow}.  The girls also got to play with Madelin for about 5 minutes after she came home from school.  It was pretty fun!

 Ellie loves to take pictures of herself.  I love to see them.
 Ellie made a bed under the desk, and was nice enough to let Little Mimic take a turn "sleeping" as well.

 The girls were playing dress up and had on swimsuits and Ellie's gymnastics shorts.  It was cold outside and we needed to go to Costco, but I thought their boots and coats were enough to keep them warm. 
Lynlee is cool.  Love her sunglasses!  She is talking puppy for a walk in the baby carrier.
swinging with Davis and Callie--I think the big kids were having more fun than the little kids
 Spotted:  Daddy snuggles
Lynnie loves Kindermusik!  She pretended her drum was a phone, and was saying "hello!"

Ellie's view in the car.

We have been hosting a birth mom off and on since Christmas (she picked a family from Ogden), and her aunt and 3 year old niece flew in to be with her as she gets close to her due date.  The girls fell asleep on the way to the airport to pick them up and looked so peaceful.

Ellie and E were in heaven to snuggle Greg all night long.

Lynlee was playing on my phone and I asked if I could have it to take pictures.  I took the above pictures, and then tried to take pictures of Lynlee and I.  Lynlee said, "mom, I be mad" and gave me the grumpiest look.  She couldn't hold it for long, and started giggling!  She did this a few times in succession.

Just a few hours after the aunt and niece got here, the birth mom thought she was in labor.  She and her aunt went to the hospital and we got to play with the niece.  Since it was late, we moved E's mattress into Ellie's room and they had a sleepover.

Face painting today with the aunt and niece.  Ellie wanted a turtle, of course.

Lynlee was making the funniest faces as she was trying to hold still.  She wanted a rainbow.

Ellie and E helped me make a texas sheet cake for dessert tonight.  They were really good at taking turns.

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