Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Friday

Pops & Nana were in town all last week for Adam's festivities, and I only took pictures on Friday.  Ah, well.

On Wednesday, we went to the temple with Adam as he received his endowment.  Nice friends Traci and Mary watched the girls for us.  Traci took Ellie along for preschool, and Mary took Lynlee along for Kindermusik.  That night we had Pops, Nana, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Gail come over for dinner and to hang out.

On Friday, Pops and Nana went to watch Ellie at gymnastics.  Daddy came, too.  When we walked in, Ellie was sitting on her carpet square doing stretches with her class, kind of looking a little dejected.  When she glanced up at the observation windows and saw us all there, her little face lit up and she started jumping up and down and pointing at us.  There was so much joy in her little body, it was hard for her to express it.  Moments like this make me melt!
watching the watchers
Pops and Nana went off to spend the day with the aunts, and the girls and I headed home, where Ellie discovered that I had sneakily put Lambie in the washer while she was at preschool.  We quickly got her in the dryer, and Ellie cried the entire time she was drying.  Ellie kept on saying that Lambie hates the wet part and doesn't like to take a bath.
you can kind of see Ellie's crying face in the reflection

 Life was much better after Lambie was dry, and we headed over to Kelly's house to work on scheduling for Elementary Festival.  Sam was a great host and the kiddos played so well together.

Then we went home to meet up with Pops and Nana again and head to Mountain View to watch Greg ref a basketball game.  Lynlee fell asleep in the car on the way over and slept for about an hour on my lap.
Ella is saying CHEESE

 Some amazing self-portraits by Ellie.  She did a great job amusing herself while playmate was sleeping.

 Greg motioned to Ellie to come get him when they went out for their pre-game meeting.  Ellie was so happy to go with Daddy!

 Still sleeping...picture by Ellie.
 Now she's awake!

 Starting to explore a little..
 Pops really got into the game.
 Nana really got into Ellie!
 Sisterly love in action.

 Cheering with the cheerleaders.

 Ellie said she was tired and made a bed out of the coats.  Little Mimic grapped Pops' coat and climbed up as well.
 And the game is over and we are ready to go home.  Lots of fun!

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