Friday, February 8, 2013

Queenly Tea Party

Ellie and Lynlee received a special invitation for a tea party today at their friend Eden's house.

They were so excited to pick out princess outfits and get ready to go.

Ellie looked at the choices in our dress-up box and said, "I want to be Belle, because Tayler gave that to me!  Do I have a yellow shirt to make it into a dress?"

We found a white shirt that would work and she got into the skirt and all of the accessories:  purse, gloves, crown, wand, and tiptoe shoes.

 Lynlee wanted to be Cinderella, but she didn't want her picture taken.
 When we got to the party, Lynnie was a little unsure about me leaving, so I got to stay and help Queen Kristin.  What a treat for me!

Reagan and Ellie matched--they were both Belle

So much fun to play with some friends for an hour, and enjoy the yummy treats Queen Kristin and Princess Eden made for us.  Ellie even had her first carbonation.  Ever.  (She wanted lemonade and I didn't realize it was sparkling lemonade.  Oh well!)

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