Saturday, March 2, 2013

4A Championship Game

Greg was very excited to get assigned to the boys 4A High School Championship game.  We were very excited to go and watch him.

The game was in the Weber State arena and it was pretty full.  I'm not sure how many people can be seated there, but there were thousands of people in attendance.  Greg's friend Darren Hess came with 2 of his kids to watch as well.

Lynlee and Ellie were good the whole time we were there (almost 2 complete games, with an hour in between).  They helped each other and played together.  And, of course, we watched Daddy as well.

Lynlee was very funny when she played on the stairs in between the games.  She was marching and dancing to the music.

Our new best friends, Tyson and Jennica.  They were so nice! 

Running up and down empty rows between the games was super fun.  Tyson and Jennica went all the way around the arena, but we settled for going back and forth a few times.

Finally, we got to see Dad.  The wait is over, and the game is about to begin!

One of the times Lynlee drank milk, she asked for Ellie to feed her.  Lynlee drank, I think, 5 full cups of milk.  Which meant we took trips to the potty approximately 247 times.  (At least 9 times, anyway!)
I didn't break out the electronic devices until the second half of the 2nd game.  Ellie made this amazing picture.  It was interesting to me to watch the girls play apps and watch videos, because they couldn't hear anything.  I think it was just a nice change to look at their familiar things instead of the game anymore.
It was a fun game to watch, competitive and close the whole time.  It was so loud, too, that it was hard to think! 

We used the restroom so many times that we learned that this sink had the best water pressure.  Ellie soaped up her entire arms every time.  That was good--she got all of the germs killed.

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