Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Big Day, Part 1

We decided to have the Easter bunny visit us today, so that Greg could enjoy the morning with us.

The Easter Bunny just knew exactly what we wanted, bringing a complete Marina outfit for each girl, along with light-up drumsticks.  We are really lucky that Easter Bunny is so clever!

Ellie was so excited to have her picture taken...  And Lulu loved her flower headband.

 Finally, we got all of the tags off everything, we figured out how to cut the "one size fits all" belt down to size, and Eliana was completely accessorized.
 Lulu was excited to pose for her picture!

The Easter Bunny also brought new totes for church, so the girls can bring their "piptures."  Eliana Caitlin was pretty excited that the totes were called Kaitlyn Tiny Totes.
 Lu's drumsticks are purple, and Ellie's are blue.
 All of a sudden, Lu looked like she was really mad.  Greg started singing "if you chance to meet a frown" and Lu couldn't hold that grumpy face.

 She burst out with:  "I teasing you!"
Ellie figured out if you look through the drumsticks, everything is blurry.
 Of course, Little Miss Mimic had to try it out as well.
 We were listening to The Fresh Beat Band music (of course!), and it was time to dance.

Put your hands in the air
Do it, do it, do it!
Everybody something something
Do it, do it, do it!

 Some excellent photos by Ellie.

 After we got all cleaned up, and our hair brushed, we headed out to run some errands.  We went to get the car washed, and Lu did awesome.  She said, "I hide" and proceeded to put her white blankie over her head, and covered her ears.  She stayed like that the whole time.  When we were done, she said, "it over?  I was brave!"

After getting the car all clean, we came home for some lunch and a fun-filled afternoon of moving the girls into the same bedroom (more on that tomorrow).  Ellie immediately changed into pajamas, but Lynnie stayed in her Marina dress all day long.  With her necklace and bracelets.  And she would have kept her shoes on if we had let her wear them in the house.

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