Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Big Day, Part 2

We have been talking for a few months how, IF a baby comes to join our family, the girls would need to share a room.  It took Ellie a while to be reconciled to the fact that she would get to move into Lynnie's room, and her old room would be the nursery.  

We've also been talking about how when the girls get to share a room, they will get to sleep on a big bed.  Last Wednesday it came up again, and Ellie asked, "why can't we share right now?  and sleep on our big bed right now?  

Greg and I looked at each other and said, "why not?"  So moving day was set for Saturday.

For the rest of the week, it was an exciting topic of conversation around our house!  We couldn't wait for the big day.

After we got home from our errands and had lunch, it was time to move things around.  Ellie and I got the dressers mostly moved into place before my yelling snarky things down the hallway got Greg to laughingly abandon March Madness and come get to work (like:  don't worry, I've got it; you just take your time, that game is way more important).

Greg has to take the crib apart to get it through the door, which is always a fun project.  He did it more effectively this time--loosening something or other so we just kind of squeezed it through the doorways.
 "I want to play in the tunnel."
 Next step was rearranging the bookshelves.  There is one white bookshelf and 2 brown wood ones.  After getting the mattress in place, we decided that there was room for one shelf in the new "Girls' Room" so we had to switch everything around.  It created quite a bit of chaos (furniture moving always does!), but it was a good excuse to get it all cleaned out and reorganized.

Once the bed was made, the girls had to climb up and give it a try.
 "Pretend to be asleep!"

 Asleep again?

 Ellie was a good worker bee and a good helper.  She liked moving the books around (board books in the "baby's room" and big kid books in The Girls' Room).  At one point it took me a minute to find Lu.  She had squeezed behind an empty bookshelf that was temporarily leaning up against her closet, and was singing songs.  She loves little nooks!
 Ellie loves to help vacuum lately, and Greg was inspired to give her this project.  She happily vacuumed our headboard for about 10 minutes while we were moving shelves.
 "Dad, move it this way.  No Dad, the other way.  Now screw it to the wall.  Good job!"
 Once Lynnie's nook disappeared, she climbed back on her new bed. 

And fell asleep.
 Lynnie slept for 2 hours, until we woke her up to go to dinner at Greg's parent's house.  Greg climbed on the bed and nailed a picture right over her head.  And we loaded the bookshelf.  She slept through it all.

The final product:

My project for Monday (and maybe Tuesday) is to clean out the closets and get them both into the closet in their new room.

Going to bed was fun.  We got home late and didn't get them in bed until about 9:15.  We all laid on the bed and read stories, and then we sang 3 songs and had prayers.  Greg and I left the room then, and it took about another hour for them to go to sleep.  Not bad for their first night sharing!

We were in and out a few times:  Lynnie wanted more milk, and then she had to go potty, and then she wanted even more milk.  We sang 3 more songs.  Ellie came to the door twice and yelled "Lynlee's out of bed!"  (So funny that that started on the very first night.)

About 10:50, it was finally all quiet, and we peeped in.  The girls were snuggled up together in the middle of the bed.

So sweet.

This is going to be a fun experiment!  I want the girls to share, regardless of if another baby joins our family or not (and no, we have no announcements and nothing on the horizon).  I think they will learn so many lessons from sharing their space.  

And, as a bonus, there is less floor space to create "disasters," so I will be enforcing better the "first we play and then we put it away" rule.

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