Saturday, March 9, 2013

Disney On Ice

A got all of the girls matching princess dresses.  Lu elected not to be in the picture.  Ellie chose her polka dot tights to match E's tights.

A & E treated us to Disney on Ice, and it was awesome!  We have never been to a show like that before, and Ellie was mesmerized.  There was so much to watch and see. 
 We were a few minutes late, and missed part of The Princess and the Frog.  I wasn't sad--I don't like that story, and the girls have not seen that movie. Then it was time for Cinderella, which the girls love.  Ellie was mad at the ugly stepsisters.  She hates that they are mean.
 She even stuck her tongue out at them and told them to be nice!

 Lynlee also did great, until about the last 15 minutes.  People clapped after every song, and every time there was clapping, she would ask, "it over?" while emphatically signing "yes."  She was so happy when it was finally the finale.
After the show, we had a few minutes of meltdown from both girls.  It was a combo of missing lunch, the letdown that the show was over, and maybe too much stimulation?  We went to Crown Burger for lunch.  I've never eaten there, but have wanted to try the Pastrami Burger ever since we saw it on a Man Vs. Food episode.

Ellie said her favorite part was when Rapunzel got her crown back.  Lynlee's favorite part was seeing Minnie Mouse.  My favorite part was when Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel flew through the air on her hair.

It was a great day!  It is always fun to go on adventures as a family, and especially fun to spend time with our friends.

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