Friday, March 22, 2013

Don't Give Up

Ellie went through a Word World phase a while back.  We still sing a song from that show about trying new things:

Don't give up, the more you try
The better you get, the better you get
The closer you'll be to doing it right
Keep trying you'll see, don't give up!

Elle was so determined to build this tower all by herself.  It must have fallen down a dozen times.

But she sang her song and kept trying.

 Ah, success!  Now I can knock it over with a catapult.

 We went to drop off cards for Greg's dad and brother (it's their birthday) but they weren't home.  So we drove around for a while and then ended up at Culver's for ice cream.  We hadn't been there before, and it was pretty tasty.  Ellie said we were having a date, and so we were!
The girls shared a scoop of vanilla, and Greg got a mixer.  I got some vegetable soup, and...

...Ellie helped me eat it.

Are you shocked?

I was, too!

She wouldn't actually eat any vegetables, but she ate a lot of broth.

Baby steps.  I'll take it!
Photographic evidence--Ellie eats vegetable soup.

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