Thursday, March 28, 2013


Lyssa's choir sold some family pictures as a fundraiser, so we headed to Magna on Monday night.  Of course, both girls fell asleep in the car (since it was 4:00), and we had to wake them up to go in.  We couldn't quite get them happy, so it will be interesting to see what the pictures look like.  

Afterwards, we headed to Bobi's house and had a great dinner with Bobi, Brian, and Lyssa.  The girls love to play with Lyssa.  

They played catch, and rolled the ball around, and..

 ...went for a horsey ride.  We love to chant this verse that Amy taught me years ago (did you make it up, Amy?  Bobi didn't know it):

Riding a horsey into London
Better watch out
Here comes a bridge
You might

 Touching Daddy's face softly is always fun.
 Bobi had the horsey technique down a little more than Lyssa, but Lyss kept trying!
 This week the girls have spent a lot of time in their "swim soups."  Lynnie likes to pretend to take showers.  But she won't go in the shower if the water is actually on.

Ellie showed us all how strong she is!
 We have also loved the warmer spring weather, and playing outside in the backyard.  The girls love to run around.  I love that they have unstructured, electronic-free time in the warm sunshine.
 Elle and Lu made a "collection" and sorted their rocks by size. 
 Ellie also loves to take pictures.  Some of her latest and greatest:

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