Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm A Winner

Literally.  I'm a winner. 

I just found out that I won a giveaway sponsored by the United For Adoption blog.  I'm so excited!

They also published a short essay I wrote on how I feel about adoption and T and M.  Check it out at


Love Multiplies 
When my husband and I began the adoption journey a decade ago, I was a little nervous about the relatively new concept of "open adoption." I had no experience with anyone in an open adoption and was not sure how it would work. 
What I have learned through our experience of adopting two beautiful daughters is that love multiplies. I love our daughters' birth families! Our daughters' birth moms are strong, courageous, beautiful women who are an integral part of our family. We talk about our birth moms daily, we pray for them, we look at pictures of them. We draw pictures for them and text them and look forward to our next visit.

We love adoption!

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Linder said...

That's awesome, congratulations!


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