Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

We took our friend E to Kangaroo Zoo today.  Lynlee never warmed up, unlike last time.  Ellie and E ran for about two and half hours straight.  It was awesome!

Lynlee did walk a few laps around the building, clutching Puppy and White Blankie the whole time.

 The giant slide is always a hit!

 The girls were trying to help each other climb up the slide, but to no avail.  Lots of giggles!

 Lynlee's big success was standing here for a few minutes while we watched the bigger girls try to climb.

 After KZ, we headed to Walmart to buy a couple of special new sippie cups.  I have been prepping Lynlee for about a month now that she needed to throw away her old sippie cups/bottles that she drinks milk in.  Lynnie even told the cashier that she was a big girl now and she was going to throw out her bottles.

We got home, she drank a few swigs of milk, I texted Greg this picture, and we have had no milk since.  She wouldn't even drink some before bedtime, just kind of whimpered herself to sleep while snuggling me.  I am having major flashbacks of when we threw out the real bottles.

And seriously, click that link and see the post of when we threw out the bottles--a whole year ago!  The girls have changed so much.

Lynlee traded her bottles for a sippie cup with a lid, but we have still treated it like a bottle.  Ellie has not drunk milk, except for occasionally chocolate milk, in the past year.  I am hoping Lynlee does not do that extreme.
 We were happy to get a knock on our door from our favorite girls next door.  We headed out to play for an hour in the nice afternoon sun.  I could not believe it when Lu climbed up on Ellie's tricycle, and her feet touched the pedals.  She really is a big girl now!

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