Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love 'Em!

Lynnie.  Darling Lynnie.

She has the funnest personality!  She loves to laugh and tease.  She says things with the cutest inflections.  I am constantly trying to catch her on video so I can capture her voice.
Greg had just made the bed the other morning, and to tease him, Lynnie climbed on the bed, got in the covers, closed her eyes, and said, "Daddy, I asleep!"

Greg.  Hard-working Greg.

Greg has long days on Sunday, starting with meetings at 6 a.m. and going til 6-8 at night.  He was snuggling Ellie and they both fell asleep.

Ellie.  Sweet Ellie.

She has really started trying to take care of people.  She is a good friend and is remarkably good at sharing and taking turns (especially for a 3 year old).  She wants everyone to be happy.

Ellie has loved having her friend E staying with us for the past month.  We are going to be very sad when E goes home to Texas tomorrow.

They wanted to have dance class, so first they drew signs for the door, and then we turned on ballet music and they danced.

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