Friday, April 5, 2013


It's been a good, busy week.  I have spent every spare moment cleaning out the "baby's room" and the "girls' room," organizing closets and drawers and etc.  (The girls call it the baby's room because we put the crib in there.  No baby coming, that we know of!)  We also have spent a lot of time with visitors.

Friday we got to spend most of the day with Kyle, Jonette, Kiera, Kaysen, Kylene, and Caity.  We started at an RV dealer.  It was fun to look at the models that were $75,000+.  Completely out of anyone's price range, but fun to see all of the features.

 Ellie wanted to bring Lambie and Lambie's diaper bag with us.  She promised to hold them both the whole time.  

Kiera was carrying the diaper bag within a minute.

It's nice to have nice cousins.
 We loved riding in the golf cart from the showroom up to the lot.  One or both girls had to go potty often, so we took lots of trips.  The salesman let me drive, which was a good thing since we went so often.  

Greg got off work a little early and came and met us.  Lu loves walking through his legs.

 After lunch at Paradise Bakery, where we met up with Kylene and Caity, we headed north to check out Scheel's.  Jonette, Daniel, Kaysen, and Dallin waited an hour to ride the Ferris Wheel.  Dallin only made it through the loading process before signalling to get off because he felt sick.  Daniel had a great time, though!

 Next we headed north to a reunion for Greg's mission.  It's been over 20 years since he got home.  There was a little program at the beginning, and it was fun to hear the speakers talking in Portuguese.  I didn't understand anything, really, but it was interesting to hear.
 Lu wanted to go to the bathroom a couple of times, and it was fun to explore the building we were in.  It was an historic church building across the street from the Utah Capitol building.  On our second potty excursion, we found the kitchen completely full of smoke.  Someone had left a big pot of soup on the stove, on high, and the whole thing was burning.  I turned off the stove and got the air moving, and another lady came and helped me kind of fan the smoke out of the kitchen and down the hallway to a propped open exit door.  Exciting stuff.

When Lu and I got back to the chapel, Ellie wrinkled her nose and said, "you stink, Mom."  I smelled like smoke the rest of the night.  Oh, well.

Our favorite missionary friend, Jeff Rudd.  Where would we be without Jeffie in our life?

 Oh, Robbie.  He introduced me to Greg, so he is forever my favorite.  Love his wife Margaret and their kids.  We've had fun staying in touch over the years.
 Love this shot with Nash, Greg, and Jeff all in a row.  Definitely the missionary friends we have stayed in contact with the most.
 Missionaries who served in the Porto Portugal mission during the years 1991-4.
Brian Hulleburg, Clay Miller, Brian Tanner and Greg
After the program there was a potluck in the gym.  The girls were hilarious, eating their food sitting on the floor with me (Greg was too busy talking to people to eat) and then running around.
 Lynnie was happy to "sit on Daddy's head" and Ellie wanted to be held as well.  Many thanks to Rob's daughter for capturing these shots for us.

 Exploring the stage was fun as well, until a 10 year old girl started growling like a bear from behind the curtain and scared Ellie. 
It was a wonderful event to catch up and reminisce.  Like Margaret said, we got to hear all of the same stories again, and they only get better with time.  Greg said driving home that most of the good things in his life come from things he learned on his mission. 

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Julie M said...

So funny to see Brian's sister and brother-in-law in Greg's mission picture...such a small world. :)


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