Friday, April 26, 2013


We love meeting Tanya and her children at a NAET appointment every week.  It is always fun to play with Andrew and Emily in the pirate room.
I was texting with Lynnie's birth mom while I was waiting to go in, and she asked for some pictures.  I said, "Lu, {M} wants a picture of you.  Say cheese!"

Lu said, "noooooo."
Ellie said, "you can take a picture of me!"

Lu thought it was pretty funny to walk around with buckets on her feet.

And she is wearing a Kiki dress.  From The Fresh Beat Band, of course.

In case you were wondering.
 We had a wonderful week with Rod, Jayme, Jasmine, and Byron staying with us.  They were the nicest house guests ever!  The kids played in the mornings and then they left til all hours of the night.  We never even fed them dinner.

Jazzy and Ellie did each other's hair.  And then Lu wanted her hair done as well.
 All of this playing with cousins led to an early bedtime on Thursday.  Both asleep at 6:49 p.m.

And Ellie is in her dinosaur sleeping bag, because Greg is camping at Wood Badge.  She wanted to be camping as well.
 When it was time to say goodbye, I realized I hadn't taken any pictures.  Mini-Rod was not so happy about me trying to get a last minute picture.

We love our cousins!  I love that Ellie and Lulu have cousins their ages to play with.  One of my greatest fears during the waiting-to-start-our-family years was that IF we ever had children come to our family, they would be all alone.  An unfounded fear, it turns out, and that is a tender mercy.

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