Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We feel blessed to live so close to so many family members, and to be able to see other family members often, even if they live farther away.

The girls and I were happy to have a visit from Bobi, Brian, Lyssa, and Lyssa's friend on Easter.  They were at a missionary "farewell" near us, and stopped by for about an hour.  They were so excited to see the girls' new room!

I forgot to get a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses, and of course Ellie changed the instant we got home from church.  Lu is still in her dress here, although it didn't last long.  She wanted to be "naked" so she could go down the slide better.  Dresses don't work very well for that!

 An important member of our immediate family is Lambie.

And Lambie likes to sit on Ellie's head.  It kind of makes it difficult to do Ellie's hair, but we like to make allowances for family.

 We love playing with cousins!  We got to play with Andrew and Emily for a few hours today, and they all do well together.  I was worried for years that by the time we had children join our family, the cousins on both sides would be all grown up.

When we got married, Bobi was pregnant with Adam (grandchild #1 on my side), and Brayden and Kylene were 2 & 1 (grandchildren #1 & 2 on Greg's side).  We rejoiced as Bobi had Lyssa, and Jon had Amber, Travis, and Sarah.  We rejoiced as Todd, Kyle, and Paul had their families.

But I wondered, if and when we are able to adopt a child, will they have any cousins to play with?

I shouldn't have worried.  Jon & Teri have Gwen, in between Ellie and Lu.  And Scott, Rod, Tanya, and Kent all have little ones close in age.

Hanging out with Amy is always fun, especially since she lives so far away.   We went to lunch at Cafe Rio and then spent some time at Mom's house together.  Amy read us a cute story called The Composer is Dead.  She is so animated, and Ellie was fascinated.

 And we were all excited that there was bubble wrap to stomp!

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