Tuesday, April 9, 2013


If I ever miss a text or a call from you, know it is because I didn't see it.  It's not that I don't love you and want to hear from you, it's because the girls hijack my phone.

And they know how to hit "close" when a text pops up.

I love finding random pictures when I get my phone back.

I also love General Conference.

Rod and Jasmine were with us this weekend, and Ellie and Jazzy played great together.  They disappeared for most of  Sunday morning's session, and were reading stories to each other.

 They love princess stories!  

And Lynnie loves her "tiptoe shoes."  She likes to tell me, "I got my tiptoe shoes for my birf-day!"
 We checked in with Greg's parents for the afternoon session.  Lynnie fell asleep pretty fast, and we knew that Ellie needed a nap, so we loaded up the truck during the rest hymn and drove around until Ellie fell asleep as well.
 Daniel is such a good friend!  We sat by each other, and he kept on tickling my legs and feet.
Ellie's birth mom texted us, and we always get excited about that.  Ellie signed "I Love You" and we sent the picture back.
 Lu wanted Ellie to feed her milk.
 Such a sweet face!
 Rod, Jazzy, Greg, and Ellie got in the hot tub in the freezing rain.  Lu and I hung out in the basement so we would be ready to pull Ellie out as soon as she was done.  Lu loves to pretend to be a baby and take a ride in the swing.
 Found this awesome picture of White Blankie.  I deleted 16 other shots.
 I have Tanya trying NAET, and instead of getting a babysitter this time, we took the kids with us.  Ellie loved the Peter Pan room, and pretending to be a pirate.
 Lu slept through the entire appointment.
 Lynlee's birth mom texted us, and we were super excited to catch up with her.  We took a "this-is-what-we-were-are-doing-right-now" picture and sent it back to her.  Shockingly, Lynlee was drinking milk.

You caught that sarcasm, right?

 Lynnie's favorite thing at Kindermusik is the hula hoops.  She was so proud of herself for figuring out how to hold it up high.

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