Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Essence of Ellie

Wow, this project has been fun.  I love Becky Higgins' Project Life.  And I love that it is on Shutterfly.  And I love that my diet coke habit earns points that translates into free books on Shutterfly.

Although Greg says I shouldn't justify my habit.

He's probably right.


Rachelle said...

LOVE the book. I am not a soda drinker (I get my fix from chocolate...shh!), but what are the points?

Heather said...

When you purchase a coke product it has a rewards code. I had built up over a 1000 and 1 book was 250 points. And I was able to use all my codes in the same order, plus a free shipping coupon code and a 25% off code. Love good deals like that


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