Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Ellie is a really good big sister.  She likes to make sure that Lynnie is happy.

Lynnie fell out of bed a couple of times (she moves around a lot when she sleeps).  We put pillows around the edges of the bed to hedge her in.

When I went back to see if they were asleep, I saw that Ellie had scooted her pillow down and had her feet firmly pressed against the pillows at the bottom of the bed.  

She was protecting her sister.

I love finding treasures like this on my phone.

I don't love it when Lynnie rips the glasses off of her face and twists them.

I love it when Greg fixes it all back to normal.

We were talking about how we missed our friends, A & E, who have gone back to Texas, and Lynnie said, "I want a rainbow on my face!"  I pulled out the paints and attempted to do face painting.  Not quite up to standard, but I will keep practicing.

 Good job taking over the camera, Ellie!

Saturday started out with great yardwork weather.  We spent a few hours working on the yard and then headed to IFA to get fertilizer and snail-killer-pellets.  While we were running errands, it started to rain.  We knew that yardwork was over for the day, so we went to get Greg a new suit.  It felt a little funny to walk into the store in our grubbies, but that's how it goes.

The suit salesman was a son of President Baker, and he and Greg had a lot to talk about.  We were there almost 2 hours...

The girls and I managed to keep ourselves relatively entertained.

  Ellie loves to draw pictures on my phone and have me send them to her favorite people, like her daddy and her birth parents.

Today we had fun at Story Time at the library.  The girls loved dancing to a silly song about fish taking naps, and then swimming in the ocean, taking a shower, or riding a bike.

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Elizabeth said...

I love the pic Ellie took of you--so cute!!


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