Monday, April 29, 2013


Lynnie loves to hide in the laundry basket.

She will climb in and call, "where's Lynlee?"

She will immediately answer herself with, "I hiding!"

 "I go sleep."
 "Wake up!"
 "You see me?  Mom, you see my fingers?"

Ellie was sick enough that we skipped church a week ago.  She arranged her throw-up bowl, water, and tissues just so on the stool.  Everything was in easy reach.
 One of Ellie's favorite things to do lately is to take pictures.  And I love that there are pictures of her on the computer screen in the back.

 The girls are loving this show called "Bet on Your Baby."  It's a pretty inane game show with 2-3 year olds playing games, and their parents have to guess if they can complete a specific task.  We are having fun replicating some of the games.  

One of the games had a little girl blow bubbles in milk until they came over the top of the cup.  We have the same cup, with a different lid, and Lynnie has been blowing bubbles in water for days now.
 Clayton asked me to be a last minute substitute and take prom pictures of his group.  We headed over to his friend's house, and found this delightful property, in the middle of Lehi, with a stream and a pond and trees and a log cabin house.  It was down a gully on a private drive, and who knew it even existed?

The lady they had originally booked (but who wasn't communicating with them) showed up, so I was off the hook.  I did take a few pictures of Clayton and Matteo.  Had to do that!

 Lynnie was fascinated with the goldfish swimming in the stream.

 We had some beautiful weather and the girls were playing in the backyard.  When they came back in, Ellie stepped on the metal threshold of the doorway, and said it was really hot and she needed a band-aid.  She has learned how to rip the child-locks off of the doors, so she ran to my bathroom, took off the child-lock, and got the band-aids.

I helped Lynlee go potty and told Ellie to go ahead and get her band-aid on.

That girl is fast.  

And loves her Hello Kitty band-aids.

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