Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friends Are Fun. And Wear Us Out.

We had a friend extravaganza today!  First we played with Davis (so that Elizabeth could get more packing done).  We love having Davis come over.  Ellie and Davis found some mushrooms in the grass and could not stop staring at them.  They finally were convinced that the mushrooms could not hurt them if they got stepped on or touched.  The mushrooms would only hurt them if they were eaten.
 More tower building.  And Lynlee picked her own outfit this morning.  She is starting to have an opinion about what she wears.

 After Davis went home, Ellie went next door to play with Hope and Baelie.  She came tearing back in a little while later to get her swimming suit on.  Lynnie and I went back with her to watch the fun.  The big girls loved the pool and Lynnie loved Hope's swing set.

 After a fun day of playing, we were worn out.  Lynnie fell asleep at 5:19 while I was making dinner.  She woke back up at 8 and stayed up forever.  I fell asleep at 11:30 and she was still making noises in the baby's room (the extra room with the crib in it that the girls call the baby's room--no announcements about any potential babies coming to our family).  She went in there because she kept on hitting Ellie around 10:30, waking her up.  I think she was bored...

Out with the Old, In with the New

The nozzle/tip thingie on our kitchen faucet broke off when I was at Women's Conference.  Greg jimmy-rigged it so it didn't leak, and we got a new faucet ordered.
 The plumber came today and installed it, and it looks great.  It has a pull-down sprayer now, so we have an extra hole.  There is a soap dispenser coming, just to use that last hole.  

The best thing about the new faucet?  When you turn the water off, the water actually stops.  Our old faucet would have a little stream for a second after you turned it off.  This one doesn't have that quirk.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Yard Work, A Party, and Hot Tubbin'

Part of our yardwork goals for this year was planting 2 trees, to replace ones that died.  We picked a plum tree for our fruit tree row and a flowering pear for the median.

I say "we" replaced the trees in the queenly collective, since Greg did all of the work.
 Out with the old... with the new.
 We hosted a little bbq for Memorial Day, and Ellie made rolls.  

I helped a little.

But she really did most of the dumping of the ingredients and formed the rolls herself.
it's heavy!

 Sweet sister snuggles.
After our guests left, the girls decided they wanted to go swimming in the hot tub.  This is the first time Lynnie has wanted to get in for months.  She did great!

Except when Ellie turned on the jets.  Then Lynnie said, "I don't like bubbles!"
 Bubbles are off, and all is right with the world.
 Ellie is excited to take swimming lessons this year.  The difference in levels is her willingness to put her face in the water, so she practiced.  She did awesome holding her nose and looking around.  I was so proud of her!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Family Time

Lynnie Lu and I were taking some pictures and Ellie jumped right in.  The photo bomb was awesome!

 Tackling Daddy is always fun!

 I love this picture.  So much!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moving Day

Paul and Staci got a fantastic new house (in Tiff's ward, which is a fun coincidence).  The boys were there cleaning all day Friday, and so E&L and I headed over in the late afternoon to supervise.

Ellie and Lu were so excited to find the swing set and trampoline in the backyard.  They played for a long time, with me helping them for a while and then Parker playing with them.  We were glad Parker was there and such a good sport!

 Power washing the basement was exciting to watch--lots of steam and water everywhere.
 We were back on Saturday to help with the official moving.  How many men does it take to decide that the freezer will not fit through the sliding doors, and it will be better to take off the door at the top of the stairs and just carry it all of the way?

8, apparently.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Picnic at the Park

Today was our first picnic at the park this spring.  The weather was gorgeous and we played for hours.

Lynnie was so excited to conquer the "little" playground.  She climbed up, slid down, and climbed up again.  She did the ladder and the stairs and went around and around.

 Ellie packed our picnic lunch all by herself.  It was super healthy.  A peanut butter sandwich, goldfish crackers, fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, pretzels, bbq chips, and fiber one bars.
 She loves to smash her marshmallows in the bag clip.

 We played with Davis, Hope and Baelie in the afternoon.  They were hilarious and pretended to be in Primary.  They did it all: an opening song, a prayer, the Article of Faith, a talk, a scripture.  These Sunbeams pay attention!

 Lynnie was talking about her birth mom {M} and said, "let's send her a picture!"  So we sent her some electronic loves.
 Silly girls in the bathtub--a fun end to a fun day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Grandma Great

We went again to visit Grandma Great, in the pouring rain.  I tried to time it for when she would be awake, and got there at 12:30, right when she was supposed to be finishing lunch.  Aunt Zola (grandma's sister) and Uncle Walt were in the hallway when we got there, and we chatted for a minute.  Grandma wasn't in the room and we thought we just beat her back from the dining hall.

An aide came along and told us that Grandma had been taken out to lunch.

Good for her!  97 years old and going strong.

We hung out for a few more minutes and then wrote some notes.

I got the girls back to the car, running through the rain (we loved it!) and got Lynlee buckled.  Ellie was almost buckled (she does herself now) when Lynlee said she needed to go potty.  Back in the building we went.

So wonderful that we did, because as we were buckling the second time, I saw Grandma being driven into the parking lot.  Back out of the car, through the rain, and into the building to watch Grandma being brought back in.

We had a sweet visit.  Lynlee read The Pout Pout Fish to her and Ellie read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and a Baby Signing Time book.

 Then Ellie sang her preschool graduation songs:

Alice, where are you going?
Upstairs, to take a bath
Alice, with legs like toothpicks
And a neck like a giraffe-affe-affe-affe

Alice, what are you doing?
(something about pulling up the drain)
Oh my stars! Oh my soul!
There goes Alice down the hole!
Glub Glub Glub
 Lynnie joined in on "Taking Home My Baby Bumblebee"

 And a spontaneous sister hug after the cheers and clapping from Grandma and me.

 When it was time to go, there were lots of sweet hugs and kisses for Grandma Great.

 Good thing Ellie was there to take our picture.
 So patient with the 3 year old.


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