Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Banner Day

Sunday was full of mommy paychecks.

Ellie gave her first talk in Primary.  The timing could not have been better, because it was Fast Sunday and Greg was able to come.  Once we knew Daddy was going to be there, Ellie was insistent that Daddy be her helper.

She looked both grown up and impossibly small waiting for her turn in the front.

 Mom Julie and Silly Brian came with us, so we took up the entire visitors' row.  Ellie didn't seem to care, really, and that is perfect.
 Finally, it was her turn!  She hopped right up, picked up the microphone, and launched into her talk.  Daddy was in charge of the visual aids.

 This part got an "ahhh" from the teachers in the audience.

 So good!

After we left the Primary room, it was time to take Lynlee to nursery.  I let her stay by herself and cry last week for about 20 minutes before her crying changed to the inconsolable cry and I went in to "rescue" her.  I think that was good preparation for today.  

She only cried 8 minutes before starting to wind down.

Then Greg dragged me off to Sunday School, even though I could still her whimpering.

When I peeked in the window after Sunday School, she was happily sitting at the table eating her snacks.

And when I picked her up to go home, she was laughing and jumping, trying to catch the bubbles.  She even told Sis Brown and Sis Theobald "thank you" and gave them each a huge hug, complete with her silly grin.

 Such celebrations over the successes at church!  And we had not been home very long when our dear friend Elizabeth called and invited us over for a Cinco de Mayo dinner celebration.  The girls and I were happy to go, and even happier that Greg made it a mere 2 hours later (around 7:15).  Yummy food, awesome weather, and even better company.

Truly a banner day.

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