Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Wedding and a Walk

My cousin Weston got married on Wednesday and the girls and I were able to attend the reception.  Lynlee fell asleep literally a minute before we got there and slept on my lap for about 45 minutes.  We sat at the "cool" table with two of Weston's older brothers and their wives (Ryan & Janice and Russ & Nikki).  It was fun to catch up with everyone!

Ellie loved watching Stephanie do a waltz with her dad.  After she was done, Stephanie came over near to wear Ellie was sitting with Grandma.  Ellie ran up to her and said, "Good job, bride!"

It was darling.
 Ellie sat with Grandma while I tried to keep Lynlee happy.  

I love finding photo treasures when I get home.

 Today the weather was gorgeous and we had to take a walk.  Both girls loaded up their special things in a stroller (Lambie and blankie in the umbrella stroller, and puppy and white blankie in the doll stroller).  Ellie even packed a diaper bag and we were on our way.  

We meandered down to see if Davis and Elizabeth could play.  And they could.  Happy day!

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