Monday, May 13, 2013

Adoption Walk

We had a wonderful time at the Adoption Walk on Saturday.  It is an annual event sponsored by the American Fork, Provo, and Springville chapters of Families Supporting Adoption (FSA).

Eliana and Lynlee were so excited to go to our "Adoption Party."
 We were greeted by smiles and balloons.  We quickly got signs that said "I Love My Birthmom" and added the names of our favorite people.  The girls were not too excited to wear their signs, but they were good sports.

 Ellie was excited to get her face painted, but Lynnie decided to wait for her turn.  Ellie picked a turtle, because that is Tayler's favorite.
 Then it was time for the walk part of the Adoption Walk.  I moved Lynnie's sign to her tummy and she seemed to like it better there.

 Greg found sticks in the grass as we were walking, and Lynnie carried hers for over an hour.  She loved it.
 Catch up to daddy!
 About halfway around the track, Lynnie needed to go potty.  The timing was perfect, because there were port-a-potties across the street at the park.  She and I ran over there and got back in the nick of time.  Greg and Ellie waited for us to launch the balloons so I could get lots of pictures.

The girls were so excited to let the balloons go (or to "flied the balloons" as Ellie says).  We let them go and shouted "We love you Tayler!" and "We love you {M}!"  It was so neat to watch them fly away.  The sky was so clear and we watched them for quite a while.

 Right after the balloon launch, I grabbed a random person and asked him to take our picture.  Afterwards, I was complimenting him on his ease, and his wife chimed in, "that's cause he is a professional photographer!" 

Yeah, I know how to pick 'em.
 Next we spent some time watching races.  We had to find more sticks, of course.  Lynlee at first couldn't find them.

Look, I picked some flowers for Mother's Day!
 Luckily, Ellie is the nicest big sister ever and she found more sticks for Lynnie.

 Lynlee decided she was ready to have her face painted, so we headed back to the booth.  She picked a rainbow.

After finding Margaret, (our friend and former case worker, and the case worker for both birth moms), we headed home.  What a fun way to spend the morning on Birth Mother's Day.

We love our birth moms!  We love adoption!

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Hayley said...

It was a great day! So fun to see you there!


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